Friday, April 11, 2014

Handy Outdoor Skill: Gadgetless and Almost Gadgetless Weather Prediction

Exploriment shared a handy infographic explaining how to predict the weather by observation alone. I've reprinted the graphic below. I heartily agree with him: whether it's the weather, navigation or anything else in nature, there's real value in being able to make sense of your surroundings rather than just depending on a device.

Plus, I think there's real power in knowing the names of what we encounter outdoors; be it plants, animals, rocks or clouds. When you can name it, you can understand it and appreciate it.

As long as we're on the topic of weather prediction, it's probably worth reading The Art of Manliness' take on the topic. They cover a number of same techniques the graphic below does, but also mentions the power of using a barometer for weather prediction.

And where on Earth are you going to find a barometer while hiking in the woods? Perhaps in your pocket. It turns out that the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S5 have a pressure sensor built in. Using an app like WeatherSignal you can access it. Here's a screen grab of our current barometric pressure:

I have no idea how accurate the sensor is, but it sure makes for some interesting possibilities.

Here's the graphic:

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Via: Exploriment

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  1. It's like the old saw about people turning on the weather channel to see what it's like outside.

    Gadgets are fun and all, but I think thee is something to be said about not losing so much of the folk wisdom that allows you to determine weather and what will happen in the next few hours, just by observing the clues nature lays out for us.

    Same with navigation. I think there are a lot of people too enamored with looking down at their GPS’ to notice about all the clues around them they can use to navigate with.