Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Graden Variety Trash, or Priceless Civil War Find?

So I'm digging around by the side of my house and I find this metallic disc covered in dirt:

It's almost certainly trash, right? I found it relatively close to the gas meter, so I'm thinking it's a corroded metal tag that at one point was used on the seal of the meter (like this, but in metal).

Thing is, it so reminds me of old coins I've seen behind glass cases in museums (except, there you can usually tell it's a coin you're dealing with. Though not always). Could this be pocket change from a Civil War soldier?

As you can tell, it's the same size as a dime. However, a dime isn't attracted to a magnet, and this guy is. So perhaps it's just an old, crusty, Candian dime?

It looks like there's a handful of things I can do to try to clean him up. I suppose it doesn't hurt to drop this sucker in vinegar and wait.

Perhaps though, the mystery is just left alone. As Grandpa would say, why ruin a good story with the truth?

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