Sunday, December 21, 2014

Boston Chanukah, Day 3

Boston in winter is a double edged sword. On one hand, when the weather is right there's snow adventures to be had. On the other hand, it's friggin cold and that means a big potential for cabin fever. With only a day to fill before we were heading back to DC, we had little problem packing in the activities.

We started the day at Skyzone, a trampoline park. The kids loved it, and it was such a treat to just let them go wild. I'm sure they'll like it even more when they are older and can join in on the dodgeball court.

From jumping we went to lunch at Jerusalem Pita. Poor Dovid was confused when no matter how many times he asked for waffles none showed up at the table. It took us a few tries to realize that we kept mentioning falafel, and he kept hearing waffles. Not to fear, the kids (and I) ate themselves so full of Middle Eastern food, nobody could complain.

After lunch we went back home where we did a little 'camping.' My Mom had sent the kids a ladybug tent and the kids were eager to set it up and play with it. It took Elana, Shira, Ron and Myself to all figure it, but eventually we did. The kids had a blast. As the photos below show, Shira actually got herself and the 4 children in the tent at one point. Good for her!

After playing in the tent we told campfire stories while we "roasted" marshmallows. The fire may not have been real, but the marshmallows were. At first Gavriella wasn't interested in the small puffy treat, but after Shira managed to have her try the smallest amount of one, she was hooked. If Gavriella ends up with a love of marshmallows that equals that of Shira, we'll know the incident that kicked it all off.

Finally, we did a little play-doh time. Dovid, no surprise, made a train engine. However, he wasn't satisfied till he had also created a coal tender. Duh, how else was the train supposed to go if not by coal? Chana made various accoutrements for her doll, Lamby, including a purple cape and yellow anklet. Lamby was styling. And Tzipora proudly created a family of balls. Who can argue with a family of balls?

What a day filled with fun. Our flight back to DC couldn't have been more uneventful. We're so thankful we had such a wonderful trip to Boston!

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