Saturday, December 20, 2014

Chanukah in Boston

Shira and I gave ourselves a special Chanukah treat: we're visiting our nieces and nephew in Boston!

Yesterday we took the kids to the Children's Discovery Museum in Acton. The kids have been asking to go back pretty much since we left the place a year ago. Even though not a lot has changed (a room filled with stuffed animals became a camping room, equipped with fake campfire and tent for the kids to play in), they still loved the "museum." They may be getting a tad bit old for it, but they certainly had a blast.

This was Gavriella's first trip to the museum, and she absolutely loved it. Check out the photos below of her playing with her reflections in two mirrors. Watching her make sense of of her copies was quite the treat!

Today we had the usual laid back Shabbat. Post Shabbat we squeezed in a few activities, including some Ed Emberley drawing. Definite good times.

On a completely different note, today we got to me Abraham, Georgia's new little brother. He's sooooooo tiny, and so adorable. Such a treat!

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  1. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Great pics!! What a beautiful family.

    David (bro)