Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Your next must-carry pocket item: a flacon

And the word of the day is flacon. What's a flacon and why should you care? Improvised Life explains:

Laura actually created a modern version of a flacon, antique-speak for a small stoppered bottle designed to hold valuable elixirs which may deteriorate upon contact with air. Her little hand-tooled vials are 2 1/4″ long by 5/8″ diameter, made in the U.S. of stainless steel and/or aluminum, with a variety of high-tech finishes, and a screw top that seals airtight with an invisible gasket. We find them to be a cool way to take the little things we can’t live without with us everywhere.

The folks over at Improvised Life are talking about this pill holder which has a liquid tight seal. They've used this key chain sized item to hold incense, tea, lavender oil, sea salt, alcohol and hot sauce. Oh, and you could also use it for its intended purpose of storing pills.

I actually have a small pill container on my key chain used to store a Benadryl and one dose Shira's migraine meds. The little pill containers are a steal over at Amazon for $4.30 for 5. While these containers are tiny, they hold a rolled up $20 bill nicely, which could really save the day.

While I like the spirit of the Improvised Life suggestion, I'm not exactly ready to spend $45 on one. Again, Amazon to the rescue. They have 2oz key chain flask which looks like it would do the same job as the pricier model.

And here's a few more ideas of what you could store in such a small container: olive oil, lighter fluid (for your Zippo that keeps losing its supply to evaporation) and Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap (I've always wanted to try product that works for both cleaning your hair and your teeth).

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