Monday, March 09, 2015

Joan, Dante and McMillian - A DC Run

Yesterday was the perfect day for road running. The weather was sunny and 50+ degrees, which made running through the snow a bit surreal. But unlike a trail run, it was far less muddy on concrete. We started our run at Meridian Hill Park and ran over to McMillan Reservoir.

I was hoping we could run around the reservoir, but it turns out the roads shown on the map are quite off limits. In fact, when I casually slipped through a gate to snap a few photos of the Pump House I was met by a very angry and determined official who wanted me off the private property absolutely this second. I don't think she appreciated that without having a sign saying where the property begins, it's hard to comply with this order. Turns out my experience wasn't unique. Anyway, after being threatened with arrest, I decided not to press the point and just moved on.

We finished up our run with stroll through Meridian Hill Park. Unlike my night visit, I got to actually see the complete park, including the statue of Dante and Joan of Arc. They're both excellent pieces of art. And there's something special about finding Joan, the only female equestrian riding monument in the District.

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