Monday, March 02, 2015

Pretty in Ice, and Recovering Lost Photos on Linux

Slowly but surely we're transitioning out of Winter. A few days ago we had snow and today we awoke to a beautiful (as seen from a non-commuter) ice storm. The photos just don't do this sort of weather justice, but I had to try.

These photos almost weren't. While copying these photos using a script on my Linux laptop I managed to delete most of the photos. Luckily, I found photorec, a very impressive interactive program which helps recover accidentally deleted photos from an SD Card. It installs with the command: sudo yum install testdisk and is super easy to use.

Along with recovering the photos that I had shot this morning, it also found hundreds more. Let this be a lesson to anyone who thinks that deleting stuff actually causes it to be deleted.

As I type this, the weather has warmed up enough that the trees are now freed from their ice captivity. It was beautiful while it lasted. Now it's just wet.

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