Monday, June 01, 2015

Claude Moore Colonial Farm - A Kid and Parently Friendly Adventure

This past weekend we had my parents and some kids to entertain, so we decided to check out the Claude Moore Colonial Farm, followed by a trip to the super impressive Clemyjontri Playground.

In many respects the Claude Moore farm is like Oxon Hill Farm: not especially grandiose and easy to dismiss. The colonial farm had two, maybe three buildings to investigate, a couple of reenactors and handful of animals to see (a cow, a few turkeys, a couple geese and 3 not-so-little pigs and a bunch of chickens). What I read suggested that the property takes about 45 minutes to walk through and that seems about right. We saw a few gardens and a couple of fields worth of tobacco being grown.

So yeah, this isn't Colonial Williamsburg.

But, with the right frame of mind and level of curiosity, the site is actually quite cool. You can interrogate the reenactors as much as you'd like, and we got to handle some of the of implements in their kitchen. The small farm size meant that nobody got too tired out walking. I'm certainly glad we visited, and I could definitely see going back with the right audience (everyone in our group found at least something cool on the farm). It's also worth checking the schedule and seeing if you can visit during a Market Fair weekend, where things are supposed to be really hopping.

Just around the corner is Clemyjontri Playground, which of course the kids loved. For us, these two activities paired together perfectly. The farm infused some adventure and history to the day, while the playground is just a solid good time for the kids. Definitely a fun way to spend an afternoon.

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