Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Gardening Progress: A First Harvest

I see a handful of green tomatoes on the vine and couple of peppers which look like they'll be ready to pick any day. But our first official harvest was these guys:

That's right, cut flowers from the cosmo seeds we planted. They were, in fact, the first thing we put in the ground (technically, in a container) this season. And despite the fact that they were planted with some random, inappropriate potting soil, they still managed to grow and thrive. Life just wants to live.

I was initially a little disappointed that our first harvest wasn't some tasty or esoteric vegetable. But I've since grown to very much like the idea of having pretty flowers sitting on the table that we grew ourselves, rather than bought from the supermarket. So there, take that my utilitarian self.

Other bits of gardening excitement:

The purslane I planted in a small container after our original crop got trampled is showing signs of life:

The sweet potato I dropped in the ground is also thriving. Who knew that the potato you've let sit too long on your counter is all you need to start growing your own potatoes?

Mostly I'm just keeping my eye on the tomatoes, peppers and such. They are looking healthy and I hope relatively soon will be ready for a harvest. Then we'll actually be eating some of the stuff from our garden, rather than just photographing it!

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