Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Hiking and Eating for a Good Cause

Today I did my Scouting Good Turn by helping Spencer and Brady earn their Cooking Merit badge. It couldn't have been more of a pleasure: we hit the trail for hiking and eating, and did so on perhaps the most glorious weather day of the year.

We did our little adventure day at Prince William Forest, which provide us with a 6 mile loop through stunning fall foliage. On the cooking side of things, I had boys make field expedient alcohol stoves, which we used to boil water for lunch. Sure, it took 25 minutes to boil a cup of water, but it got the job done. We also used my Pocket Rocket stove, which boiled two cups of water in about 2 minutes (and sounds like a jet aircraft is taking off while doing so!). The boys had a Mountain House backpacking meal for lunch, and I had a variation of Trail Tacos as well side of mashed potatoes with raisins, yum!

Good times!

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