Wednesday, November 04, 2015

It Actually Works: Dental Floss as Cutting Tool

As a guy, I'm not supposed to have think about things like facial beauty products. But, a few weeks ago, the little patches of dry, red skin on my face had grown to big patches of dry, red skin and Shira informed me that we had to do something about it. In fact, she wouldn't let me leave the rash / skin care section of CVS until I bought *something* to try on my face. After looking at all the promises being offered by the various miracle products, I finally settled on a bar of African Black Soap, Eczema & Psoriasis Therapy. It got solid reviews on Amazon and figured as a black bar of soap, it was manly enough to buy with confidence.

So I used the soap and a bit of cortisone cream, and between the two, my face cleared up. Success!

This last trip, I found my face was again starting to break out. Rather than re-invent the wheel, I found a CVS and purchased a bar of the same soap. It seemed to help.

Lesson learned: I should be carrying a small chunk of this soap in my Dopp Kit, so I can use it while traveling. But what's the best way to get such a chunk?

I decided to give the old hack preferred by Plumbers, Chefs and Escaping Prison Inmates: use dental floss as a cutting tool. Whether you're cutting through PVC pipe, cake or steel prison bars, the premise is the same: use a length of floss as a saw blade to get a clean and easy cut. And I'm glad to report: the process worked perfectly with the bar of soap.The heat generated from moving the floss back and forth sliced through the soap like a knife through warm butter.

The result was a travel size version of this large bar of soap. Dental Floss to the rescue!

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