Wednesday, December 16, 2015

AutoPebble Programming: From Phone to Watch in one click

Before I dive into another AutoPebble programming example, I suppose I should take a step back and explain why I think all this matters.

My Galaxy Note 5 has a great many advantages: amazing screen, gobs of RAM, brilliant camera, handy stylus and more. But compact and always accessible aren't traits on the top of this list. That's where the Pebble appears to come in. With just couple of quick presses on a device that's literally at hand, I can perform tasks on my phone. It's like I get the speed and convenience of an old school flip phone, but the computing power of a tablet. Add to this that AutoPebble allows for quick and easy integration between the phone and watch, and you can start to appreciate just why I'm so loving this setup.

On to the code. Good news, this is a far simpler example than my last hack. Still, I think it makes for a useful Smart Watch feature. Here's a Show Clipboard AutoPebble profile and action:

Profile: AutoPebble, Show Clipboard (86)
Restore: no
State: AutoPebble [ Configuration:Command Filter: show_clipboard ]
Enter: Anon (87)
  A1: AutoPebble Text Screen [ Configuration:Full Screen: false
                               Title: Clipboard
                               Text: %CLIP
                               Vibration Pattern: 200]

The action consists of exactly one command: show a screen on the watch with the text %CLIP. %CLIP is a magic Tasker variable that will always equal the contents of the system clipboard.

But why do you care, right? So you can do this:

Step 1: highlight and copy some text on your phone:

Step 2: select the Clipboard option on the watch and pull in the contents of the clipboard:

Step 3: stroll through the store with confidence picking up the right ingredients with only the occasional glance to your watch.

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