Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Other Kind of White Christmas

We had some crazy Christmas weather in DC: 70°F and foggy. Like pea soup foggy. While our neighbor's little ones were no doubt tearing into presents, Shira and I took a surreal walk along the Potomac.

What's truly remarkable was just how fast conditions were changing. The two photos below are taken 2 minutes and 4 seconds apart, yet as you can tell, the visibility drops dramatically. In the first shot, you can partially make out the DC shoreline, in the next, you can't even see the river! That's not photo filter magic; that's actually what was going on.

And then there was National Airport. Gravely Point was as we'd never seen it before. Like the scene above, the fog shifted a number of times in front of us. One minute the airport was plainly visible, the next, it was gone. At one point we watched in awe as an approaching airplane simply disappeared into the fog. I can't imagine what it was like to be that pilot: you're staring at a clear runway and then poof! it's replaced by a wall of white.

And a few more bonus shots: seriously, I felt like we were walking through some exotic fantasy world.

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