Monday, December 14, 2015

Holmes Run with Fall Foliage and Spring Weather

I'm always psyched when I discover a new section of biking/walking trail in the area. Yesterday, Shira, Dawn and I did a section of Holmes Run that I was totally unfamiliar with. It seems as though Holmes Run is split into different, perhaps non-connecting sections, so perhaps that's why I I hadn't been on it. Or maybe it's just been completed withing the last couple of years. All I know is that we started at Cameron Station Park and went "right" after crossing the bridge.

It's an excellent section of trail and worth your time to explore. Dawn says it goes all the way to Old Town Alexandria.

The weather was absolutely amazing yesterday (the high was apparently 71°F!) and it was a perfect day to be outside. Here's a few snapshots or the foliage along the trail; I couldn't resist stopping and snapping a handful of photos:

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