Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Room With a View and Capturing Said View

I'm working this week from San Jose, CA. The operative word there is 'working.' That means that this evening, while the sun was setting I was programming and not out playing. Still, nothing stopped me from propping up my phone on the window of my hotel room and capturing the sunset.

Note to self: whenever shooting time-lapses (or are they hyperlapses?), plug in the phone! I learned this lesson the hard way after my phone complete crashed due to a dead battery. To the phone's credit the video I shot wasn't corrupted, which was pretty impressive.

The result is that I shot two time-lapses, both using the very slick (and free!) Framelapse app. The process couldn't be simpler: find a way to prop up the phone, hit record on Framelapse and upload to YouTube. To make the movies even remotely watchable, I swapped in some audio.

OK, they aren't going to win any awards, but they were easy to shoot and let me both work and play at the same time.

Sunset Take #1, includes the battery failure:

Sunset Take #2:

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