Thursday, July 07, 2016

Bike Challenge: Hauling Unplanned Cargo

I'm standing in the grocery store looking at a 6 pack of 24 oz. water bottles and wondering how I was going to carry it home on my bike. I've got a bike rack, but I hadn't grabbed any cordage before leaving the house. What the heck, I figured I'd buy the bottles and figure it out.

Turns out, I had the perfect solution at the bottom of my murse bag: a 1yd x 1yd sheet of bright orange parachute material. It had been stashed at the bottom of my man-bag waiting to be used.

Turns out, it makes the perfect gear net:

I draped the material over the water bottles, tied the ends off to each other and rode away. Worked like a charm. Heck it was easier to use than a bungee net, which I've wrestled with previously.

Hey, I'll take my problem-solving-successes wherever I can get them.

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