Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Plagiarize This

Seth Meyers says that the Melania Trump's plagiarism oops matters because it undercuts Trump's claim of being a great organizer. Trevor Noah is all for the plagiarism, hoping that Trump's campaign will plagiarize other ideas from Obama. But my favorite response to the controversy is from Mike over at Yep, you read that right:

I’m not going to discuss the specifics of Melania Trump’s plagiarism (other than…Paul Manafort knows about the invention of recordings, correct?).

What I would like to do is take some common words - some of which have been used in My Little Pony, the dictionary, Yosemite Sam and others - and put them here in my post and invite all speakers from the Republican National Convention AND the Democratic National Convention to plagiarize them.

He then goes on to author two speeches, one for Republicans to read and one for Democrats to read, both supporting his issue of choice. Here's me plagiarizing some lines from both speeches:

“Make no mistake about it! The extra time you spend in traffic is an extra tax even though there is no IRS form to fill out. The money you have to spend on gas when your car doesn’t move anywhere comes straight out of your pocket. Something Hillary will never admit to!”
“Since (Name of small town that embraced Vision Zero here) implanted their Complete Streets plan, (Name of working class man/woman here) only needs 18 minutes to get to work instead of 24 minutes to drive. That is extra family time. You won't get that if you vote for Hillary!"
“Since I got my bicycle, I hardly use my Prius at all and it is a lot easier to get to and from Whole Foods and not worry about parking!”
“After my operation that never would have been possible without the Affordable Care Act, I have begun cycling again with my grandchildren.”

Best of all, his offer is truly genuine. Well played, Mike, well played.

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