Thursday, July 21, 2016

Paracord Awesomeness: The Quick Release Lanyard and The Bucket Carrier

I'm loving this recent Knot of the Week by ITS Tactical: Access Paracord Quickly with a Deployment Lanyard. It seems that whenever I attempt to store a hank of cordage, the result is a tangled mess when I go to use it. But not anymore! Check it out:

Using the technique suggested in this video, the above bundle of paracord can be put to use merely by tugging on the large loop. It's so satisfying to use that once I'm done with the wrapping, I have the urge to pull the rip-cord and unspool it. The video suggests melting the end of the paracord to keep in place. While that works and certainly makes for an especially clean arrangement, I've found it isn't necessary.

As long as I'm on a paracord kick, here's another sweet knot I recently picked up: DIY Easy Paracord Bucket Handles. Here it is in action:

Next time we go blueberry picking, I'm so fashioning a handy rope sling. I've got no idea what the name of the above knot is, but here's a related one: the Barrel Hitch. Handy stuff.

Here's both videos, they're definitely worth your time:

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