Friday, August 05, 2016

A Recklessly Good Time

Every few years an article pops up saying that our playgrounds are too safe. To all those individuals longing for the days of rusty jungle gyms built on a concrete slab, I recommend you stop by Rocky Run Park.

After having some play time with friends last night, I can honestly tell you that I'm amazed you can play on that equipment without signing a waiver. Seriously, the rope climbing structure thing seems like something out of a dauntless challenge: want to go down the slide kid? First you've got scale to the top of this crazy structure.

And it's not just heights. There's this funky, twisty section of webbing that flips back and forth with ease, tossing kids left and right. I'm amazed the large metal polls didn't thunk of the children tackling it's challenge.

Don't get me wrong, I'm totally loving this playground. Heck, I really should go back and use it to work on my fear of heights. But man, I'm amazed (and oh so thankful!) this is considered child friendly.

Here's to being just the right level of irresponsible!

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