Monday, August 22, 2016

Breezy Point All The Beach Fun, A Lot Less Of The Beach Drive

With Chana, Dovid and Tzipora in from Boston, we decided the perfect Sunday adventure would be a trip to the beach. Rather than schlep hours and hours to the shore, we decided to take a chance on one of the closer bay beaches nearby. At just about an hour away, it's hard to argue with the convenience of Breezy Point. We did pause at the warning about jellyfish, as we had a recent encounter and knew that a sting would put quite a damper on the day. But still, we went for it.

Good thing we did. As soon as we arrived it became obvious that we'd be just fine. The swimming area is apparently netted off, and as a result, there was no sign of jellyfish all day.

Generally, Breezy Point delivered. The water was warm enough that the kids could enjoy swimming, we went early enough that we had plenty of space to spread out. The wind even cooperated and we got some kite flying in, too. I brought our $20 inflatable raft and the kids had a blast on it. We brought along a football, which the older kids enjoyed playing with. I took Dovid aside to do a bit of beach combing, and even found a shark tooth, though he was far more interested in the waves crashing than anything else.

Perhaps the best part of the trip was watching the transformation of the little ones. Dovid, Chana and Tzipora all started off quite timid in the water, with fears of jellyfish and getting pulled out to sea top of mind. By the end, they were romping away without a care in the world. It's exactly as it should be.

This wasn't the most pristine beach I've ever been to (that honor still goes to this one), but sure made for a fun Sunday. Everyone had a blast.

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