Thursday, August 18, 2016

Oy Vey, What's a Nice Jewish Boy Doing With a Yarmulke That Says That?!

Picture it: it's late March, 2016 and the primaries are in full swing. Most of the candidates are scheduled to speak at AIPAC, though the only one that seems to matter is Donald Trump. In a rare flipping of roles, after the speech it's the organization, rather than Trump himself, who feels compelled to issue an apology. Phil shows up at minyan that week with a special "gift" for me in hand: a Donald J. Trump yarmulke from the big event.

I know then that I have a single mission: find, buy and give Phil a Hillary Clinton yarmulke.

I figure it's a race against the clock: I'll need to complete this project before Trump's campaign flames out; which we're sure will be any day.

Turns out, I needn't have worried.

I suppose I could have gone the route of finding a professionally done yalmuka with Hillary's name on it. But a hand made one consisting of a nice poofy kippah with glittery lettering seemed like it would be far more appropriate.

Last week, months after I had the idea, I finally finished preparing the specimen. And by "I," I really mean We. Our Rabbi was kind enough to do the Hebrew lettering. So here it is, the action shot!

Phil, to his credit, proudly donned the kippah and promised he'd wear it to Minyan, like I do with my Trump yalmukah.

It's not exactly the lamb lying down the lion, but it sure is of peace when we can disagree and still have a great laugh.

I'm telling you, look at this craftsmanship! Rabbis just never know what task their going to be called on to do. I wonder if they take classes in fabric paint techniques?


  1. if you want, I have custom blue suede Hillary Clinton yarmulkes, in stylized Hillary HEY Forward designs.