Friday, February 24, 2017

Chess in a Hurry | Cheat Sheets for Playing Chess Now

On past trips to Boston, our nieces and nephew have seen the over-sized chess set that's situated in the hotel where we often stay. They've expressed interest in playing, but we've never done so. While I had some hazy sense of how to play, I always thought of chess as a complex game and one that would be too hard to explain to them. This past weekend, however, I had a chance to play chess with a 7 year old and it finally clicked for me: this is fun stuff! I finally had a chance to see past the minutia, and started enjoying the actual game.

While all this was fresh in my head, I wanted to collect up some simple resources I could be armed with next time I had the chance to play chess. Here's what I came up with:

Just yesterday, as David and I finished up a run I noticed an over-sized chess board just crying out for us to play. With the above resources at hand, there's no excuse for not diving in and playing.

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