Monday, February 06, 2017

Weekly Discoveries: Chillstep, Reason #1 To Avoid Prison and a Monster 200 Mile Race

This last week I went in search of some new country music, and found aural gold in Stripes by Brandy Clark. It's clever and catchy, what more can you ask for? From there, I found a whole slew of scored woman songs that I adopted as my own power ballads for the week.

Apparently, we're doing this fishing thing all wrong in DC. Check out these guys as they pull monster fish out of the Potomac. Oh, and they're not at some exotic distant location, but are steps from DC Memorials.

And here's Somewhere Over the Rainbow played on an old saw using a violin bow. You've got to hear it to believe it.

I watched (well, mostly listened to) Kerry Ward complete the Bigfoot 200, and I still can't comprehend his accomplishment. That's over 200 miles of near continuous running through crazy terrain. At the end of the video talks about meeting up with his buddy Sammy Hassan who casually remarks that at mile 42 his "left IT band went." Basically, he ran over 150 miles on an injured leg. That is essentially super human. What an amazing testament to human accomplishment.

Finally, I tripped over this Blackmill album, and fell in love. I'm not even sure what this genre would be called. I've seen it referred to as both Chillstep and Drumb and Bass. Doesn't matter what you call it, it's remarkable stuff. So chill, yet so interesting. Next time you've got a multi-hour task needing to get done, press play on this video and get to work.

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