Monday, February 13, 2017

Weekly Discoveries: Tin Whistles, Hang Drums and a Home Made Cup-of-Soup Ramen

I don't get it: how can this hang drum video have 22 million views? I mean it was good, but 22 million views good?

And here's a novel take on Barbecue: Food of the Enslaved: Barbecue. Think of it as better food through understanding history.

And finally, unexpected music video of the week goes to I Love You More Than You Love Yourself, which portrays the Lisa Nowak story. The artist behind the song explains:

The video is based on NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak. What drew you to her story?

Austra: I was kind of upset with the way her story has been portrayed. There’s a photo of her in her NASA spacesuit, looking very wholesome and happy. I found it so insensitive that there was no regard for the fact that she was a NASA scientist who went to space before the age of 30. She’s a total genius! Lisa had a breakdown, and I don’t think there was any compassion for mental health at all in her story and in the (media) narrative (surrounding it), so we wanted to try, in some ways, to give her a bit of justice.

Check out all the videos:

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