Monday, June 26, 2017

On The Potomac Heritage Trail: A Giant Leopard Moth and Other Trail Oddities

This weekend we had the chance to log some delightful miles on the Potomac Heritage Trail with friends. Check out the amazing Giant Leopard Moth that Shira discovered as we were hiking along. I'm not sure what type of spider that is, but I definitely gave him his distance.

The raspberries were out in force and I ate my way along the trail. I can't recall catching bushes that were so ripe and hadn't already been picked over by other creatures. I also noshed on the daylilies, though I did so more sparingly, as they weren't as plentiful as the raspberries. Next year I really need to plant a heap of daylilies so I can properly enjoy their tasty flowers.

Also, we discovered various skeletal remains along the trail. Ooooh, spooky.

Definitely a fun time.

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