Friday, June 02, 2017

Weekly Discoveries

I find that putting on a long Chillstep Mix is a great way to, well, chill out, when my TODO list feels extra full. This mix provided a much needed hour of mental relaxation last week.

Chris Janson has a couple of well known country songs, but last week I found myself listening to a few albums of his and realized he's got more range than the local radio stations would have you believe. Of all the tunes I listened to, I think my favorite was Take it to the bank.

I wish I could say that I discovered Bill by Exuma because of my eclectic and nuanced taste in music. Alas, I found it because it's the closest version I could find to a song that plays behind a Jeep Commercial. I think the ads are well done, and even though you hear just a few seconds of audio, the song was worth searching out. It's only a minor detail that the Jeep Commercial has seemingly done a 180° with the lyrics and the meaning. The song is supposed to be droning on about how Baal will be your downfall, not the Jeep versioning that sings about being free. Whatever. Just enjoy the tune.

If I was young and feeling like I didn't fit in, I'd want to listen to K.I.D.'s Errors.

On the non video side of things, I give you Rpelton1's Survival Necklace. What I liked about the video was how thoroughly he researched the gear for his project. I'm more a shove all the crap in my pockets and a bag versus a wear it around your neck kind of guy. But still, it's worth a watch if you're a gear aficionado.

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