Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Weekly Discoveries

Last week I was out on Wednesday and Thursday, which meant that I came back to quite the inbox on Friday. The solution: bagpipe music, obviously. That eventually led me to this song from the movie Black Hawk Down. Great movie, and great tune.

Morgxn's Home is a well done video that captures the both the pain of not fitting in and the joy of finding like minds. It's a solid tune, too.

You know the old story of the two space suit wearing strangers on the street? Well you will after you watch Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness's So Close. I suppose it's sort of related to Morgxn's Home (both in theme and embracing dance), but it's quite bit less intense. Dance off, anyone?

And truly lighten things up, check out Emily Vaughn's MOOD. Next time life's trying to drag me down, I'm so blasting this tune.

Listen to all the discoveries here:

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