Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Big Web, Tiny Spider, So Many Questions

This last Sunday I wandered out to our deck and was shocked to see a good size spider staring back at me:

It's hard to tell from these photos, but this guy had somehow constructed a massive web that was anchored on one side by our house and on the other by a tree. I quickly stepped back inside and grabbed my camera. Here's a close up shot:

I had so many questions. How is it possible that such a tiny creature could make such an impossibly large and complex structure? And how long did it take? And is he dangerous? And should I be killing him instead of just snapping photos?

On the last question, I punted. I opted to step back inside for breakfast and to deal with Mr. Spider on a full stomach. Less than an hour later I stepped back outside to assess the situation. And I found...absolutely nothing. There wasn't the tiniest trace of the web. Had I neglected to grab photos, there would have been no proof of this remarkable structure and its creator.

So what does it all mean? Life is fragile? Be glad you're not a spider living a backyard full of birds? Take the pics, then eat breakfast? Truthfully, I'm not really sure. But it must mean something, right?

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