Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Weekly Discoveries

With our Epic Boston Adventure in the way, I got a bit behind on my Weekly Discoveries. But there's no time like the present to catch up.

A few weeks back it was Tisha B'av, the saddest day in the Jewish calendar. On this day especially, I wasn't in the mood to rock out. Luckily, YouTube had me covered with such gems as 2 HOURS: Sad Violin and Piano, which filled in the silence nicely. And here's a nice recitation of the book of Eicha, and includes a though provoking introduction. And when all else failed, I listened to folks wailing at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. YouTube never fails to deliver.

The following week things got much more up beat. Enter Shikari by Live Outside was an awesome tune, with an only slightly disturbing video. I also continued rounding out my appreciation of rap music thanks to Briggs, L-FRESH and A.B. Original.

That last tune, Dumb Things is clearly injected with a political message, though issue at hand seems totally foreign to me. I hope message is a positive one, as I really enjoyed listening to the tune. As for more local politics, I'll leave it to you to decide if Naive Bravado by Urthboy describes the current US administration or not.

Pentatonix's channel is filled with videos that have earned 10's of millions of views, so they hardly need one more person heaping praise on them. But man, their rendition of Dancing On My Own was so good, I couldn't help but add it to that week's list.

On the other end of the view count spectrum is EOP Live, a channel filled with interesting, barely watched performances. Take this one by Levi Lowrey; it's terrific. And yet, he's currently at 51 views, 3 of which were probably mine.

I can definitely relate to the awkward but persistent guy in Greatest Love Story. I'm not usually one to dig a sappy love song, but this one pulled me in. It makes me want to stop typing this blog post, call up my wife and tell her that we truly are the Greatest Love Story.

I know it's an advertisement for a candy company, but I found that I couldn't resist adding Making Music With Candy by Andrew Huang to my discoveries list. It's a creative approach to pushing a brand, and Huang makes the video work. And who knows, maybe it will inspire you (or your kids) to go out and make some music.

On the non-musical side of things, I give you 5 Different Ways to Make Bread Over a Campfire by Kenneth Kramm. Kramm is a bit of a YouTube legend (among Bushcrafter's anyway), as he's knowledgeable, creative, thorough and has the screen presence of Mr. Rogers (I mean that strictly as a compliment). A few weeks back, I attempted a bit of campfire cooking myself and the results were pretty horrendous. I vowed I'd beef up my skills before attempting again, and Kramm's video is a solid start. He shows 5 ways to cook bread, surely one of which will give me better results on our next trip.

Watch both sets of discoveries here and here. Enjoy!

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