Friday, August 25, 2017

Something from Nothing - Paracord Edition

One of my favorite books is Something From Nothing, a children's story about a single gift that seems to get worn out, only to get re-purposed into something new and equally precious. From blanket, to coat, to vest and so on. It was in the spirit of this book that I pondered what do with 15 inches of reflective orange paracord.

What had started the summer as hank of 100 feet was down now to this raggedy strand. Over the summer, I'd used the now missing pieces to create gear tethers, necklaces, hang a bear bag and even improvised a a cuddly stuffed animal. I couldn't bring myself to simply toss this last bit of cord out.

I did a bit of Googling around and found the perfect use for it: to make a bit of key chain flair using the 2 Strand Wall Knot.

At first, the 2 Stand Wall Knot looked impossibly complicated. But that's because I was visually examining each step. Once I slowed down and just followed the written instructions, I quickly learned the knot wasn't actually that complex. Here's my creation coming together:

And best of all, when I finally lose this key fob, I'll still have this post, the knowledge of how to make a 2 Strand Wall Knot and a summer full of memories. If that's not Something from Nothing, I don't know what is.

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