Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Weekly Discoveries - Poetry Meets Music, Sweet Covers and Righteous Dance Moves

The spoke word introduction to Jacob Banks' Unholy War is really something else. It's definitely on the cryptic side, but that only seems to add to it. The fact that there's a song after the introduction is nice a bonus.

Oh Wonder also delivers on the spoken word with All We Do. Many of the short statements intermingled with the music are quite inspiring. A favorite of mine: Find yourself. Lose yourself. And find others...that is how to be human.

This last week was all about the covers. Miley Cyrus (yes, the Miley Cyrus), nailed The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Lorde totally brought it with In The Air Tonight and Ryan Sheridan's version of Wicked Game is masterfully done.

But mostly, last week I just wanted to dance! This video of Flume & Chet Faker's This Song Is Not About A Girl features some dude dancing his heart out to the tune. Perhaps it's just the shy 13 year old boy in me, but every time I see a video like this I can't help but feel that this guy has a special level of courage and chutzpah. Good for him!

And continuing on the dancing theme, I give you: MisterWive's Our Own House. The song is OK, but the dance feud themed video is just too adorable. Its got it all: a leather clad evil dance troupe, a hapless group of newbies and a washed up dance guru who's ready to come out of retirement to save the day. What can I say, not every video has to be an emotion masterpiece.

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