Friday, October 27, 2017

Weekly Discoveries

I know that covers of Adele's Hello are cliche by now, but Walk off the Earth's version deserves a shoutout. It's not often that you see pant zippers included as instruments in a musical creation, but there you go.

This past week I found a bunch of high quality but I lost you songs, including Rhode's Run, Kodaline's Brother, Dean Lewis's Lose My Mind and Lord Huron's The Night We Met. Some are strictly sad, some are obtuse and some are surprisingly catchy. Many of them contain great lyrics, but The Night We Met has the best, with I had all and then most of you, some and now none of you. Trust me, when sung, this is a powerful line.

I'm loving Sigrid's acoustic work, including Dynamite. Man, can that gal sing! I also dig the lyrics of the song, which has the couplet: You're as safe as a mountain // But know that I am dynamite. Ouch.

Young Rising Sons' Undefeatable almost certainly belongs on your workout / marathon coding playlist. It's got a beat that grabs you, and the video tells the inspiring and touching story of Lacey Henderson, a track and field athlete. With all that said, it's worth asking if this video falls into the category of Inspiration Porn. My take: it does not. Lacey Henderson deserves our awe and respect because she worked hard to become an accomplished athlete, not because she's 'brave' for simply living her life.

I'm probably the last to know this, but I was pleased to discover Walk the Moon isn't a one hit wonder. Check out their band created 7x7 music videos and tell me these guys don't have serious talent (and a serious sense of humor). My pick from the list is Iscariot, which struck me as a really powerful tune. The music video, if you can call it that, somehow adds to the experience.

Listen to all the music here:

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