Monday, June 18, 2018

Arlington Monuments and a Doorless Wonder

Hanging out with Spencer yesterday was a real treat. We spent a few hours hitting up some of Arlington's finest memorials. The first stop was the Air Force Memorial. Then on to a hike through Roosevelt Island ending at Teddy Roosevelt's likeness. And finally, we finished at the Marine Corps Memorial.

On Roosevelt Island we came across a 5 lined skink, which has to be a good omen. And while I've been to the Marine Corps Memorial a few times, I forget how photogenic it is. No matter where you stand, you're lined up for an amazing pic.

Spencer regaled me with stories of his Jeep. With his A/C out he did what any inventive young person would do: he implemented a Jeep Mod to make it possible to remove his front doors. A/C problem solved. And check it out, the Jeep doesn't just look cool, it sounds cool too:

As someone who tinkers around with bits, I've got nothing but mad respect for anyone who does so with atoms. If I ever need my car hacked, I know who I'm calling.

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