Tuesday, June 29, 2021

23 Years of The Tully's Effect

Yesterday, June 28th, was our 23rd wedding anniversary. Though lately, I've been thinking about June 27th, 1998 the day before. That evening we hosted a big o'l group of friends at the local Tully's as a sort of alternative to having individual bachelor and bachelorette parties. We walked by that Tully's 11 days ago when we were visiting my Mother-in-Law in Rochester, NY.

Much of that evening is a blur, in part because it was 23 years ago, but more so because--and this I do recall--someone handed me a Long Island Ice Tea and told me I would enjoy it. I did. Probably more than one.

What makes that evening so special isn't just that we had a good time with friends. Upon reflection, I appreciate it's more than that. That night, and quite a few others since then, was made awesome not by luck, but by Shira. She took care of planning and executing that evening and I just enjoyed the outcome.

It's not that Shira's a gifted party planner (though, she is that, too). It's just one example of moments in my life when Shira was, often without using words, able to step in and say, I've got this.

I'd like to think that in these past 23 years, I've had my share of those moments, too. Moments when I've been able to give her the same joy and support that she's given to me.

So Tully's turned out to be quite the sign of times to come. And what a wonderful sign it was.

Babe I love you. And if you excuse me, I'm going to go order a Long Island Ice Tea or Two. Now that I think about it, I enjoy those.

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