Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Sharpening My Gray Time Skills | Six Card Golf

After a year of staying close to come we finally have travel on the horizon. Which means time spent in the airport. Which means bursts of gray time. Which means I'm on the look out for fresh activities while stuck in limbo.

While looking into board games you can play in an airport terminal, I was reminded of a simpler solution: playing cards! A deck of cards is lightweight, multi-purpose, cheap and often a fine souvenir.

As I switched my quest from board games to card games I found two invaluable resources:

  • - This site is a massive repository of card game rules. The stats page is a novel way to discover new games worth learning.
  • Triple S Game's YouTube Channel - there are tons of 'how to play' videos on YouTube. Triple S specializes in versions that are concise and clutter free.

Between these two resources, I figured learning new card games would be a snap. As luck would have it, I got to test out my hypothesis sooner than I'd expected.

Golf, anyone?

Last night I found myself chatting with my Dad in our kitchen. The ladies were off doing their own thing and it struck me that now was the perfect time to experiment with the deck of cards I'd set aside earlier in the day. My Dad was down for learning something new, so we pulled up the rules and how-to-play video for 6 card Golf.

What a joy it was learning a new game with my Dad. We followed the instructions for setup and started playing. Forget worrying about strategy, we barely understood what the point of the game was. But after a couple of rounds, it clicked and it was Game On.

Overall, we found Golf easy to pick up, relatively fast paced and simplistic enough that we could tease out useful strategies. I'm glad I've added this one to my repertoire and I'm psyched to continue my search for unique, fun and accessible card games.

Have any favorite card games to suggest?

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