Friday, June 04, 2021

Pics from a Run | Sinking, Snacking and Steeping

So yeah, DC is sinking. We know it's a problem, but it's not quite clear what the solution is.

While Mother Nature may be sinking our national monuments, she's also delivering the most tasty of trailside nibbles: fresh mulberries. The mulberry trees along the Pentagon Lagoon were bursting with juicy berry perfection. I can't recall eating more delicious berries, wild or human cultivated. Take that Whole Foods.

Also stashed adjacent to the Pentagon Lagoon is a new (to me) wild edible: Elder. This bush's massive clumps of tiny flowers first caught my attenention, and Google Lens helped me name it. Apparently, Elder flowers can be used fresh or dried to make tea. On my next run, I plan to carry a container so I can harvest a few flowers and try steeping up a batch of tea.

Sipping a nice cup of tea is the perfect companion to pondering the slow-motion eco disaster that is the sinking of DC.

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