Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Tampa Adventure: Day 4

[Composed 5/22/2023]

This morning we stopped by the kids' school for Grandparents & VIP day. The morning consisted of speeches, short performances by each grade, and a tasty lunch. D, C, and G all sang with their classes. T's class busted out poetry they had written earlier in the semester. Here's one of T's poems that was published for all to see:

An ocean is calmly swaying
It sways in the evening and morning
The ocean is at peace

The sun shines brightly today
The sun is smiling through the clouds
The sun is happily awake

A rose grows in spring
The beautiful rose blooms in the summer
And in fall, rose rests

In the afternoon, we toured the school grounds with the kids and we popped in for various short activities. We built a rocket in science class, learned the parts of the face in Spanish, and created a musical instrument in the maker lab. It was fun flitting around the school with the kids, getting to see where they studied on a daily basis.

After our school experience, we ended up taking D shopping and got him a graduation gift: an upgraded set of binoculars. D is a fan of birding and astronomy, so we're confident the field glasses will be put to good use. We're so proud of you D!

Before we knew it, it was time to head to the airport and our flight back to DC. When we arrived, it looked like some weather may have been rolling in, but it was just some cloud cover which made for a beautiful sunset. I feel like we packed a week's worth of adventure in a few days and am fully spent. Mission: accomplished!

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