Sunday, June 18, 2023

The Start of a Most Difficult Journey

I'm composing this on a flight back to DC from Rochester. We just left the bedside of my Mother-in-Law, whose health has deteriorated to the point where hospice is our best option.  With great sadness, Shira and I appreciate that the time we have left with her is exceedingly short.

When we said goodbye today, we explained that we were heading to the airport to catch our flight to DC and promise we'd return shortly. I asked if she remembered the good old days of airport security, where the non-flying public could go through security with the person flying and see them off at the gate. Of course she did.

See, my Mother-in-Law had a bit of a reputation when it came to seeing loved ones off at the airport. Not only did she go with them to the gate, but, with her Husband Dan, she'd patiently wait while the plane boarded, pulled away and ultimately took flight. Only then, would they leave the airport and resume her day's activities.

As a kid, this sort of careful devotion seemed a bit excessive. In hindsight, I can see this act as revealing the kind of Mother and person my Mother-in-Law is.  She was quick to go the extra mile for those in her wide circle of loved ones; never being satisfied with Just Enough or doing what everyone else did*. It was this kind of careful attention to detail that made her an amazing Mother-in-Law, and helped her be such an important role model for my wife and myself.

Mom, I'm sorry we can only go as far as the gate. We wish you safe travels on the next leg of your journey.

*Another great example: she was my most devoted blog reader; making sure to never miss a post, even if the subject of that post meant nothing to her.

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