Monday, January 29, 2024

How It's Done: The Moby Wrap Hip Hug Carry

A while back, a friend who knew I'm a Moby Wrap evangelist, asked if it was possible to comfortably carry her 16-month-old on her hip using the Moby Wrap. I responded with a resounding 'yes' and told her that I'd send her some YouTube videos showing how.

Looking through tutorials on YouTube, I couldn't find one that used the relatively simple technique I've deployed in the past. So, I borrowed her daughter, propped up Shira's phone, and shot my own quick tutorial.

This wrapping method comes straight from the Moby Wrap user manual:

As an aside, I love this manual. Published in 2006, not only does it cover the different holds—some of which are no longer mentioned on the Moby Wrap website—but it also includes advice on Kangaroo Care, how to breastfeed a baby in the Moby, and offers workout ideas you can engage in while wearing your baby. The pamphlet is part baby-wearing inspiration, part how-to, and all a liability nightmare. It's no surprise that it's no longer included with the Moby. It pairs well with my old school (now called classic) Moby Wrap: less sexy than modern options, but still so very effective.*

Shout out to our friend Lori who gifted us this Moby Wrap for our first placement, 14 years ago. Who knew that it would become such a fan favorite, and hold babies of every shape and size. From chunky toddlers, to two itty bitty twins, the Moby Wrap has brought joy and comfort to them all.

*Now I feel like I sound like my grandparents who might offer advice like: a little whiskey on the baby's gums will make those teething woes a thing of the past.

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