Friday, June 06, 2008

Yellowstone In A Day

As expected, Yellowstone was phenomenal - a must see. We got really lucky with the weather, as it was supposed to be raining today. It started to rain a bit, so we put our rain gear on, at which point it cleared up. Classic.

We did a 5 mile hike (Beaver Pond Loop) as well as a driving tour to catch the main sites of the park. Our driving tour included Old Faithful, a variety of other geysers and hot springs, and various water falls. Not to mention breathtaking scenery. We even found the park's petrified tree.

As for wildlife - we saw bison, elk and deer. Nothing too exotic, but nothing that attempted to eat us, either. Little known fact: a bison can weigh up to 2000lbs, and run 30Mph - that's 10x faster than a typical person. Translation: don't mess with a bison.

I took hundreds of pictures, and hopefully, will post a fairly complete album on Picasa. For now, here's a small sampling from the day. It's worth noting, the shot of Shira with the geyser going off in the back ground is, in fact, Old Faithful.

What a day! Can't wait to get back and visit again.

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