Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Blogworthy Office Items

We stopped by a friend's office before we headed out to dinner tonight, and I was entertained by all the goodies he had there. Here are just a few items that I felt were blogworthy. There were actually more, but I think it's considered rude to hold up dinner just so you can play with the stuff you find in someone's office. At least that's what they tell me.

Dr. R. - isn't he cute? Every office should have a mascot. Especially one that lies around all day and pretty much does nothing.

An OLPC - I finally got to touch one. I was totally impressed by the hardware - it was way more solid than the toy like feel I expected. I was totally disappointed by the software. Within a few minutes of playing I had totally swamped the processor and the machine was running at a crawl. I think there's huge potential in the device, but in terms of sitting down and just playing with it, it needs help.

Now here's a device your office needs, but probably doesn't have. A Networked Shredder. Finally, you can print directly to the shredder, without the hassle of first getting your paper from the printer.

I'm feeling that my Ideas2Executables office space is definitely inferior after being here!


    OLPC... I'm still thinking the eee or more likely a Nokia N8xx series linux tablet... as for power... in a portable, I'm not looking for raw power, mostly just connection. speaking of connection, I thought you were on your way to Yellowstone, you should be 'disconnected' and enjoying the scenery (so hopefully not reading this comment).
    Ah and as for the networked shredder... please tell that this thing does not actually print and only notifies the owner to empty it?

  2. You can't use the XO like you would a normal laptop. It is a severely memory and CPU constrained device.

  3. Nick & Grant -

    You guys are right, the OLPC doesn't have the umph that most laptops these days have. And, in theory, this is for good reason.

    My disappointment wasn't about this - my disappointment was that the software didn't handle this more gracefully.

    Don't get me wrong, the OLPC is one slick machine...I'd love to pick one up, play with it, and contribute back to the project. Alas, if I only had the time...