Monday, June 23, 2008

Day 1: On The Boat

[D'oh - this connection is both slow and pricey - $0.75/min - so there aren't going to be any photos with this post either. Oh well, coming soon.]

Here are some photos from our first day on the boat. I've got to say, we're both quite impressed with this whole cruising experience. The boat is brand spank'n new, and everything is quite shiny. We're able to find areas of the ship that are in party mode (like at the pool, as I write this) and we're able to find more secluded areas, as well.

Shira feared the worst for our cabin, and it turned out to be quiet nice. Yes, it's tiny, but adequate and not nearly as claustrophobic as we imagined. We were expecting two single beds, which is what we arrived to find - but they were pushed together to form a nice place to sleep. After sleeping on the hardest mattress of our lives a few nights ago in Barcelona (it may have been plywood, I wouldn't have argued with that assessment), this is heavenly.

Shira has yet to show any signs of being sea sick. Though, she tends to not look out the window or off side of the boat in general, and has found the swooshing of the water flying by to be an all around negative thing. Personally, I find it mesmerizing beautiful.

The shots below include: a view out our port hole, Shira holding up the latest in rescue fashion, during our mandatory drill, a shot of the general mayhem at the pool, and finally lots of photos of us being us.

We have all day at sea today, and then tomorrow we start touring. Which should be a whole adventure in and of itself.


  1. guys look so relaxed and comfy. Boy does that make me want a vacation! :-) Hope you're having a blast!

  2. A bast was definitely had.

    And even now, as I'm digging myself out of all the work that I accumulated...I'm still thinking, it was totally worth it.

    Of course, I still need a vacation from my vacation, but that's always the case.