Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Scenes From A Trip To Bozeman Montana

Spending a few days in adorable Bozeman, Montana, on our way to Yellow Stone.

A few comments along the way...

1. Wow - what a view! The scene with the airplane and perfect snow capped mountains is what you see as you you leave the plane, having just landed in Bozeman.

2. Flew Northwest. The only think resembling a perks was that they give you a full can of soda and your own seat (no snacks, though). I wonder which perk they'll phase out next?

3. Had a layover in St. Paul, MN. That airport has to have some sort of record for taking up the most space and yet being the least busy. The moving walkways seem to go on for miles and miles.

4. A bear eating fish as a wall decoration. Only in a Minnesota airport. Gotta love it.

So far, this place is a winner.


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