Friday, May 22, 2009

Two Local Businesses That Deserve Another Shout Out

I've blogged about both these businesses before - but I continue to be so impressed by them, I can't help but mention them again.

Handy Ben

Handy Ben is guy / small business that does our landscaping and other odd jobs around the house (like the gutters). He's exactly what you'd want in a landscaper / handyman: proactive, reliable, does a wonderful job, and leaves the whole yard cleaner than when he found it. Oh, and he's affordable too.

I love that I get to support the little guy, rather than some big lawn company. If you need your lawn mowed, or other stuff around the house - give Ben a call 202-413-9292 or drop him a note at

Flour Power Desserts

One of my birthday gifts was a selection of desserts by Flour Power Desserts. They're made with all Kosher ingredients, and the ones Shira got for me didn't have have any dairy products in them - so they were the perfect ending to a yummy meat meal. We bought enough of a selection that we decided to freeze a bunch of them before they went bad.

Over the last couple weeks, I'd occasionally go into the freezer, pull out a treat, and get to enjoy a little birthday happiness all over again.

Last night, when I went to pull out one of the last Woopie pies, I noticed it wasn't where I thought I had left it. I dug around, and sure enough, it was in the freezer. And still, it tasted delish.

This morning, I commented on the misplaced morsel - and wouldn't you know it, Shira specifically hid it from me so she could get to it first?

So there you have it, desserts so good, your own wife will hide them from you in the interest of getting first dibs. If that's not an endorsement for how good the food is, then I don't know what is!

Check out their website and give them a call at 240-426-7154 today - you're sure to be glad you did. Who knew supporting local small businesses could taste so good?

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