Thursday, June 09, 2011

Florida Keys Adventure - Day 5

Day 5's kid friendly activities included the Butterfly and Nature Conservatory as well as the aquarium. Both turned to be excellent choices. The butterflies, as we expected, were gorgeous and the conservatory presents them in a wonderful habitat. And the aquarium is an old school aquarium - no fancy computer terminals and overdone exhibits. Just fish in tanks, sharks, a couple of huge turtles and most importantly a touch tank. Oh, the touch tank, that alone was worth the price of admission for our little guy to play with.

We made a beach visit on Day 5, too. The beaches here, as we were promised, are nothing special. And the one at Fort Taylor was no different. But, our little guy didn't mind one bit. He got sand everywhere - in his hair, mouth, you name it. A sure sign he was having a blast. So yes, the beaches can be fun - just make sure to bring water shoes, there are rocks everywhere.

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