Friday, June 24, 2011

Maryland Adventure - Blueberries, Cherries and Unplanned Detours

Today we left the comfort of Virginia for a little outdoorsy adventure in Maryland. We did blueberry and cherry picking at Butler's Orchard, and then a hike at nearby Senaca Creek park.

I was expecting to be the only people out this morning picking berries, but that was definitely not the case. Even with the little crowding though, it was quite a bit of fun. And the blueberries were absolutely perfect - not too sweat, and not tart at all. The cherries were apparently the tart variety and they definitely lived up to their name.

After picking berries, we still had a little oomph in us, so I used Google Maps to find a park nearby. Seneca park came up and got good reviews. We were supposed to do a 2 mile loop, but took a little unplanned detour and turned it into a 3.5 miler.

The park was gorgeous and as the reviews suggested, there's lush cover, so it wasn't too hot.

As I type this, we're safely back on Virginia soil. Whew. Good times though, very good times.

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