Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why buy a private island, when you can own your own town

Man, this is a steal:

Town of Gulnare for sale

The town of Gulnare is a popular place and is ready for a new owner and mayor if you like. The possiblities are as big as your imagination. All the utilities are in and ready to go in this small little town in the foothills of Southern Colorado.

There you have it - for less than a single home in Arlington, you can own your own town.

Doesn't look like a hoax, but can this really be for real? It's a got a school, store and dance hall. Honestly, what else could ask for?

Or, you could have this gem right off Columbia Pike in Arlington for a mere $590,000. Sure, it doesn't have much curb appeal, but it makes up for that with the inclusion of a fireplace. No dance hall, school or store included.

I don't know which real estate offering is more whacky.

Via: surivalistboards.com.

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