Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Review: Unstoppable

Check out the trailer for the movie Unstoppable - it's almost too simplistic to believe it's a real movie, and not some internet invention.

The premise of the movie, like I said, is drop dead simple: there's a run away train, and Denzel Washington needs to stop it before it slams into town (would you believe the train is carrying toxic chemicals? Oh, you would). Given this description, you already know how the movie will turn out, how the corporate heads of the train company will be portrayed and probably what the body count of the movie will be.

And that's the thing - even with the predictable plot, it was an enjoyable hour and a half of movie watching time. I actually kept thinking to myself: this is really what this movie is all about? And yet, I enjoyed it.

So go ahead, pop in the disk (or rent it from Amazon like we did - which was an amazingly impressive experience) and just enjoy a little action movie fun. No cuss'ing. No excessive violence and sex. Just a man versus a train.

Just don't expect much more than this and you'll be happy.

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