Friday, May 25, 2012

Biking, Shopping and Urgent Caring

On one hand, today was a perfect day to go on a long bike ride, soaking up the sun and building up a sweat. On the other hand, we had some clothes shopping to take care of. So, which should we do?

Shira found the perfect solution: head out to Leesburg Outlets *with* the bikes, cycle part of the WO&D trail in the morning, then change gears and shop at the outlets.

It was a perfect plant and went off almost without a hitch.

We rode on the WO&D for about 12.5 miles, until it ended in Purcellville, VA. We walked around the super cute town, and headed back to our car, which was about a mile from the outlets (parked here.

The section of trail we covered was gorgeous and in excellent condition. The fact that the weather cooperated didn't hurt either.

So, about that hitch. With about a mile and a half left in our trip, my bike caught the edge of the pavement along the side of the trail. One minute I'm cruising along, the next I'm on the ground, giving Shira the "thumbs up," I'm OK sign. Except I wasn't totally OK. I actually saw stars! (OK, flashy points of light - but still). When I pulled myself together, I realized other than a nasty gash on left arm, I was apparently unscathed. My bike survived. Even the DSLR I had on a strap around my neck appears undamaged!

Shira grabbed a bandana from her bike gear and made an impromptu bandage for my arm. After a few minutes, I was able to get on my bike and cover the last mile and half. Then it was off to a local urgent care facility. The Dr. explained that the gash on my arm was actually a divot, as I had left a small chunk of my arm on the trail. There wasn't a need for stitches, as there was nothing to stitch together. But I did get a tetanus shot out of the deal. Within 45 minutes we were done and on our way to lunch and then the outlets.

All in all, the day went great. I suppose I could have done without the trip to urgent care, but man, was I lucky. I could have been really hurt, so coming away with bruised pride and a booboo on my arm is probably a best case scenario.

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