Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Zoo View - An Excellent 22 Mile Bike Loop Around DC

This past weekend, we had a chance to get out and bike the length of the Capital Crescent Trail. When approaching the end of the trail, I was surprised to find the entrance to the Rock Creek Park Trail. Sure enough, rather than back tracking along the CCT, we were able to make the trip a loop and return home via the Rock Creek Trail. Apparently there's a name for this route, it's the Zoo View.

Unlike our recent trip to the end of the WO&D trail, the Capital Crescent Trail doesn't quite end in the same glory that it begins. What starts as neatly paved trail, changes names to the Georgetown Branch Trail and turns into a stone filled path, and finally ends in a random residential neighborhood. And the trip through Rock Creek Park isn't fully on the trail either, it starts and ends on one, but during a good bit of the trip, you're cruising down Beach Rd. Still, on that particular day the road was closed to motor vehicles, so it was a breeze to ride.

All in all, the Zoo View really is a terrific loop. It's got scenery ranging from wooded seclusion to Downtown Bathesda. We basically guessed our way through Rock Creek Park, and to our amazement, found the correct trail on other side. There isn't a huge elevation change, so it's not particular stressful in that regard. And best of all, there's lots of ice cream choices when you finally make it back to Georgetown.

No photos of the day out, but here's the loop.

View Captical Crescent - Rock Creek Park Trail Loop in a larger map

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